About us

Salvation Army Trading Company Limited (SATCoL) is the trading arm of The Salvation Army. It raises money for the charity and encourages reuse and recycling through a network of donation centres, charity shops and clothing banks.

Established in 1991, SATCoL’s core purpose is to provide The Salvation Army with resources to carry out its mission.

What we do

The donations we receive throughout our donation centres raise essential funds for our work in communities across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Salvation Army reaches out to people who are homeless, alone, and in need. We treat everyone with the same compassion and respect they deserve, and use our resources to offer practical, social and spiritual support wherever necessary. Our mission is to help those who have fallen by the wayside regain control of their lives and to give them the opportunity of a brighter future.

We strive to serve our communities, customers and partners by:

Acting with responsibility, ensuring that we are good custodians of the resources entrusted to us

Acting with honesty, upholding the integrity of the organisation at all times. We will be truthful to ourselves and trusting of each other

Demonstrating commitment in our day to day work, in order that the company can best support the aims and objectives of The Salvation Army

Showing respect, honouring the high regard in which The Salvation Army is held. We will mirror the esteem for the organisation and each individual within it

Striving for excellence in all that we do, particularly in the area of customer service

Acting with compassion, demonstrating an awareness of, and sensitivity towards each other, creating a desire to embrace the distressed and comfort those in need

Among other services, the Salvation Army provides:

An Emergency Response Unit which attends emergencies such as floods and disasters across the country, offering expertise and support

Nourishing meals for older people and those experiencing homelessness at community, drop-in and residential centres

More than 3,000 beds a night for vulnerable people at over 80 hostels (called Lifehouses)

Protection and care for victims of human trafficking