How your donations help

Where does the money go?

91p of every £1 we collect in our donation centres goes towards the Salvation Army’s ongoing mission to support those in need throughout the UK and Ireland. The Salvation Army’s important work includes tackling homelessness, helping with the work of anti-human trafficking, funding our emergency service response, and supporting families. Every penny we raise is put to good use.

What does the money buy?

Our charitable work would not be possible without the generous donations we receive from the British public and businesses every year. There are dozens of ways in which this money can be used to help people of all ages, backgrounds and needs.


could provide a welcome pack for a homeless person in one of our Lifehouses


could provide 1 hour of support work for a homeless person in one of our Lifehouses


could pay for one week's worth of gas and electric top-up for an older person to heat their home


could meet the cost of running a weekly parent-and-toddler group


could help to send a child on a Salvation Army summer camp building their self-confidence


could help to run a youth club giving young people from troubled backgrounds the chance to develop new interests and skills