Find a Salvation Army donation centre near you

Among the more than 220 Salvation Army charity shops, dotted around the country are twenty one donation centres. Larger in size than our typical charity shops, these stores are designed to receive donations of household items such as furniture and homeware, alongside the kind of clothing, books and other pre-loved items commonly found in charity shops. The money generated from the sale of these items is used to support the Salvation Army’s ongoing mission to help those in need.

Our donation centres provide a number of other valuable services within their communities. Each centre is different, but in any one of them you may find:

  • A free collection service
  • Furniture upcycling
  • 24-hour donation containers
  • A delivery service for larger items
  • A food bank donation point
  • Community fridge and food cupboard
  • Community areas with tea and coffee

Our donation centres have become community hubs, offering a place for people to come together and spend time in a warm and welcoming environment, whether as part of the team or as a visitor just popping in to say hello.

We are planning new donation centres every month so if one is not near you please revisit to see our future openings. New to follow soon.

If you can’t find a donation centre near you, we have lots of clothing banks