Volunteering for SATCoL

Our volunteers make up a huge part of what we do – without all the wonderful people who give up their time to help run our donations centres we wouldn’t be able to do nearly as much as we do to support those in need. So if you’d like to help make a difference, why not get involved by volunteering at one of our centres?

Get in touch with your nearest donation centre here to find out how you can get involved.

What could you be doing as a volunteer?

Daily tasks at our donation centres are many and varied, so you needn’t worry about getting bored. On a typical day, a volunteer could find themselves:

  • Serving customers
  • Sorting donations
  • Managing stock
  • Arranging displays
  • Organising sales events
  • Visiting customers to collect and deliver items

Meet one of our volunteers, Annie TK

Annie has been volunteering at Piershill Donation Centre for 14 months, and during her time has learned a variety of new skills, as well as making lots of new friends.

Piershill Donation Centre

“I joined the volunteering team at the donation centre after visiting a few times. Everyone was so friendly and the place had such a buzz about it that I felt that I would really like to be part of what they were doing. It is such a fun place to volunteer – hard work though – and the time I spend in the centre flies by. I’m glad I joined the team here and always speak highly of the centre – maybe that’s why a few of my neighbours volunteer here also!”

Annie, volunteer.

Everyone can volunteer


We love volunteers with plenty of time - the more you can give, the better!

If you have a physical or learning disability, volunteering with us could help you on your way towards future paid employment. We welcome help from people of all abilities, and we always look to accommodate the specific needs of individuals so that they get as much out of their volunteering experience as possible.

Having a criminal conviction can make it difficult to secure employment. Volunteering with us can be a great way to get back into work and show potential employers that you’re ready for a paid position.

Many companies offer their employees days off to volunteer with charity organisations, and we can benefit from the experience these people bring.

Why volunteer with us?

Learn new skills

Volunteering at our donation centres is never dull. There are always opportunities to try out a range of different jobs, from working on the shop floor to upcycling donated furniture, allowing volunteers to pick up useful new skills in a professional environment.

It looks great on a CV

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, volunteering is a great thing to add to your list of achievements. Recruiters and course administrators like to see people with varied and interesting backgrounds who are willing to pitch in, and volunteering experience is a top qualifier.

Get back into the world of work

Volunteering can be a useful step towards securing paid employment. By showing that you’ve successfully held a volunteer position, you will appear more attractive to employers and improve your chances of gaining paid work.

Put your skills to good use

While not everyone can afford to donate money or items, their time is still valuable. Whether you’re a master of a particular trade or just happy to get stuck in, we can make use of your abilities in order to help others in need. It’s a way of giving that is truly personal to you.

Get out of the house

If you’re retired, not in work, or otherwise have spare time on your hands, volunteering at one of our centres is a great way to get out and meet new people, as well as be part of a fantastic team.

It feels good

Knowing that your efforts go towards helping others less fortunate gives you a great feeling! The money we make at our donation centres supports our work with those in need, and can make a positive difference to people’s lives. For our volunteers, being part of that process is hugely rewarding.


How do I become a donation centre volunteer?

You can message us or contact your local donation centre directly. All our donation centres have a facebook page so you can message us for more information.

What kind of jobs will I be doing as a volunteer?
We need different volunteers for different positions, so our team will tell you about all the available roles and you will be able to choose the one that seems the most interesting for you. The possibilities expand from sorting through donations, serving at the till to displaying our products on social media.
How many hours do I need to volunteer for?
We are grateful for every hour of your time. You can set your own schedule and have a talk with the shop manager to check out their availability and needs.
I have a disability. Can I still volunteer?
Of course. We are grateful that you are considering to donate your time to us. We welcome every single volunteer, regardless of disability, learning difficulties or lack of experience.
How old do I need to be to volunteer at a donation centre?
We have volunteers as young as 14. As long as you are happy to meet new friends and donate some of your time to a good cause, you are welcome in our team.
What should I wear to my donation centre interview?
Be comfortable. We do not have a dress code, we want to get to know you better and see how you can fit in our team.